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    This site is designed for the Hunter 28.5 owner and enthusiast for information and support relative to this model of sailboat
    and general comments on sailing and the sailing lifestyle.
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What's New?

It's been a great summer and hopefully everyone has
been able to do some quality sailing. There hasn't
been much input in the forums as far as anyone willing
to write about their trips, so I guess the old saying goes
"What happens on board, stays on board".

Southern California just had one of the coldest
summers in 88 years. Most of the days consisted of
cool and cloudy days. I might guess that there wasn't
much wind to speak of either.

Fall sailing seems to be bringing more promise in
SoCal. People are still sailing to Catalina Island for a
few days of peace and quiet. I was recently invited to
sail with two other boats to Anacapa Island, which is
about 100 miles north of Oceanside. I might just do

After a long dry spell of sailing, last summer I
discovered what I thought was a more serious rigging
problem turned out to be a furling track with some bird
poo or something lodged in it, so I wasn't able to hoist
the headsail. Problem fixed and we're out and running!
Anyone ever try to sail without a wind vane? While my
boat was down, an overweight Osprey decided to take
a break and perch on our wind vane. The Osprey is
gone now and so is my wind vane. "Where are those
winds coming from?"

Join us in the forums and let us know what you do to
winterize your boat. Maybe we can all learn something
Welcome to the
Hunter Twenty Eight Five Web Site
Winter Layup Time
Winter Layup Time